Kid Stuff

by Snaggletooth

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thank you JASON for recording this.


released December 15, 2014

Jason- drums
Cameron- bass
Elena- cello
Rosa- guitar/vocals




Snaggletooth Chico, California

Snaggletooth is some friends making emo music for the revolution.

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Track Name: X Up And Shut Up
You talk so loud. Safely. At a distance. Pontificating from your hardcore soapbox. Preaching against those whose backs you stand upon. I can’t hear you through your entitlement. You yell so loud into the mic. Oh so passionate. You trivialize struggles you’ve never had to face. If you won’t see other people’s pain, then X up and shut the fuck up.
Track Name: I Never Saw The Sea
I remember rocking back and forth. Trying not to panic. I wouldn’t want to give those big strange men a reason to take me into the back room. To tie me down and shoot me up. I remember waiting for lasagna days. Something to pass the time when the pills blur the days together. It might not hurt that bad to climb the razor wire. It can’t be worse than waiting here for them to pull my number from a hat.
They left the light on so I had to hide beneath the covers. They had us competing with each other. They had us competing for who was the least crazy one. We tore each other down as much as the doctors did. We made each other hate ourselves more. We broke each other down. We made each other hate ourselves more. And this makes me angry more than it makes me sad, but all I can do is cry.
Track Name: Solamente Guerra Part 2
I feel the pulse of a hundred thousand corazones. I feel the pulse of mothers forced into exodus and hunted every step along the way. The pulse of a desperate child snuffed out. Quince años y la cara de Viejo. He wore is desperation, he wore his trials on his face. Diez años sin regresar. Diez años sin hogar. There’s no solace waiting here. There’s no smiles waiting here. There’s no promise waiting here. There’s no life waiting here. Solamente Guerra.
Track Name: A Walk In The Park
I walk with rocks in my hands. I walk with mock purpose. I walk with circuitboard self esteem. Every siren is a head wound or a torn skirt. Every car is my body in a dumpster. And I’m so fucking tired. But if there’s a gun behind that sneer I won’t make it home. And my death will not make the news. Our deaths never make the news. So I walk faster.