2014 Demo

by Snaggletooth

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Recorded May 2014 at our practice space in Chico, CA. Jawsh on drums, Cameron on bass, Rosa on guitar and vocals, Elena on cello.


released June 3, 2014




Snaggletooth Chico, California

Snaggletooth is some friends making emo music for the revolution.

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Track Name: Dorner Dear
My baby loves me, but he never shows his face no more. I still see him every day. And so do you. My baby's on the front page of the LA Times. He looks so fucking good. my baby's on the front page of the New York Times. He did it all for me. And I can't pretend that this is easy, when I know that he's not coming home. I hope they know that if they find him, he sure as hell won't die alone. You better watch your back mother fucker, cause he's gonna protect and serve.
Track Name: Give A Shit
I've heard it all before, but it never amounts to a thing. Throw your records on the floor, and we have nothing in common. And you have nothing to say. And where does that leave us? When convictions are traded for indifference? With a room full of straight white men watching the show, running the show. And you act like its nothing, and you act so removed. You close your eyes to everything, and everything else in the world is already filled with misogyny and apathy. But that's not enough for you. You have to bring your ignorance and arrogance and violence here, too. It's not different, it's not edgy to pedal oppression. What's the point in what we're building, if it's just a statuette of what we were born into? I never felt welcome there, I'll never feel welcome here, until someone decides that it's cooler to give a shit than banging your head to whatever you hear. If you don't care about creating something more, then cut those patches off of your clothes and go home.
Track Name: Trigger Warning
I can't paint this into something happy when the canvas has been torn. I can't black it out. I make excuses for him, pretend that nothing happened at all. Anything to just save face. If anyone was in the wrong, it must have been me. I'll just laugh it off. I can just laugh it off. I should have been more careful. I should have been more clear. He said that it was normal. I ate up every word. I should have been more careful. I should have been more clear. He said that it was normal, and then he paid me for my time. Why didn't anyone say anything? They just went on with the party, like i didn't fucking make a difference. Why didn't anyone do anything? I couldn't protect myself, I was only a child.